Focus on Computer Vision Syndrome

computer vision syndromeComputer vision syndrome (CVS) affects three out of four computer users. It is a series of symptoms related to extended periods of computer usage. Though it is no cause for panic, measures can be taken to relieve symptoms of CVS.


CVS can appear as a variety of symptoms. Headaches, eye strain, neck and back aches, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, double vision, and dry or irritated eyes are all possible problems related to CVS.

Risk Factors

Any computer user can develop CVS. Your vision, your computer, and the environment where you use your computer are all factors which can lead to CVS.


At Dr. Shum's office the Prio vision tester is used to get the best lens possible to reduce the strain of computer vision. Research has shown that our eyes focus differently on a computer screen than on printed material. The Prio vision tester simulates the focusing effort needed to view a computer.

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