Pediatric Eye Care in Germantown, TN and surrounding Memphis area

At The Optical Boutique of Dr Steven R Shum, we love kids!  Good eye health starts young. Our children's vision services are among the finest in the Germantown and surrounding Memphis, Tennessee area. Don’t wait until a vision problem emerges. By having regular vision exams at an early age, you can help ensure that your child will enjoy a lifetime of clear vision.

Dr Steven R. Shum and Dr Andrew Shum provide a child-friendly atmosphere. We provide a community service each year by conducting the school eye screenings for the Germantown Municipal School district. In our office, we provide a full-range of children’s vision services including:

  • Infant eye exams (free for babies under 1 year old)
  • Pediatric eye exams
  • Children’s eyeglasses & contact lenses
  • Orthokeratology (OrthoK)
  • Vision therapy
  • Myopia control options

Children might participate in school vision screenings. Even though these may detect certain common vision problems, more complex vision issues can go unnoticed.  A comprehensive eye exam by a licensed eye doctor is the best way to accurately diagnose a range of common pediatric vision issues.

Early eye examinations are important because children need the following basic skills for learning: Visual acuity at distance and near, proper eye teaming (binocular coordination), proper eye movements and tracking skills and adequate focusing skills.

The American Optometric Association recommends that children have a comprehensive eye examination at 6 months of age. If no problems are detected, eye  examinations are recommended every two years.

We carry a large selection of children’s frames – there is sure to be one your child will be happy to wear. Our trained opticians are experienced with fitting children. We also offer children’s contact lenses for age-appropriate use. Contact lenses can be an excellent option for children who are mature enough to ensure proper care, and for young athletes who wish to take the field or court without eyeglasses.

Eye Exams for Kids!

Your children are precious, and so is their eyesight. Start them off right with a visit to The Optical Boutique of Dr Steven R Shum. Email us or schedule an appointment with a top pediatric eye doctor in Germantown,TN and surrounding Memphis area.