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Contact Lens Insertion
To insert your contact lenses:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.  Dry them with a towel that is lint free to avoid getting debris in your eye.  Check to make sure that you are selecting the correct contact for each eye.
  2. Make sure the index finger of your inserting hand is dry.  Place your contact on the pad of your index finger.  The contact should make a 'U' shape, and the edges should not bow out.  If the edges bow out, the contact lens is most likely inside-out.  Should you put your contact in inside-out, it will most likely feel uncomfortable, but it will not cause  any harm.  Simply remove it and orient it correctly.
  3. Using the middle finger of the hand that is not holding the lens, hold the top lid of your eye open. 
  4. With the middle finger of the hand holding the lens, pull your lower lid down.  Remain looking forward and take the index finger with the lens on it and gently place it on the center of your eye.  Carefully remove your finger.
  5. To center the lens and make it sit more comfortably, look in different directions and blink a few times.  If it still feels off center, close your eye and gently massage the lens through your lid until it sits correctly.


   Your contact is going to want to stick to the wettest surface it can find.  It is important to make sure that the tip of your finger is dryer than the surface of your eye, or you will have a difficult time getting the lens to leave your finger!

   Always check your lens case to make sure you are putting the correct lens in each eye.  The biggest tip here is to only open one lens at a time, that way you can't mix them up.

   If you do accidentally place your contact in inside-out, don't panic.  Remove it, orient it correctly, rinse it off and try again.

Contact Lens Removal
To Remove your Contact Lenses:

Soft Lenses:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.  It is very important to keep your eyes and contacts as clean as possible.  Dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
  2. Open only the side of your case that corresponds to the eye you are removing the contact from.  This removes the possiblity of switching your contacts by accident.
  3. Take the middle finger of the hand you aren't removing the lens with and hold your top lid up.  Take the middle finger of the removing hand and lower your lower lid.
  4. Look up.  Remain looking up, and take the index finger of your removing hand and place it on the surface of the contact, gently pulling it downward.  Once the contact is about halfway down your eye, take your thumb and index finger and gently pinch the lens to hold onto it and pull it out of your eye.
  5.  Place the lens in the case and close it.

Hard Lenses:

Click here for video instructions. To find the contact instructions, click the blue arrow on the right-hand side of the black box.  A tab called "Contacts" will appear.  Click "Contacts" and three instructional videos will become available.  Click on the video you would like to watch.