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Welcome to my blog, “As Eye See It”.

Written by Dr. Brandon Nelms on .

Each month, I will be providing you with important and interesting information about your eyes.

Why? Because through the years, health care has changed in many ways. Most of these changes have improved our health and quality of life. Yet, one disturbing change is the loss of personal touch in medicine. The days of house calls have been traded for high technology. I may not be able to make house calls on a regular basis, but I still want to maintain a personal connection with each of you.

My hope is that this portion of the website allows us to maintain the human element of the doctor-patient relationship. I want this to be an entertaining and interactive way to learn more about eye health and vision. We can address any eye related topic. In fact, I’m open to your suggestions. If there is something on your mind, just let me know. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Future topics include dry eye tips, common eye myths and other topics that will be useful to you.

Let’s have fun with “As Eye See It” and perhaps we’ll even learn something!

Our new website

Written by Dr. Brandon Nelms on .

Thanks for visiting our redesigned website. We have added many new features including this blog. Stay tuned for more blog posts to come.